Pregnancy Talk: How Pregnant Moms Can Avoid Miscarriage



Giving birth may be one of the few miracles you will encounter in your life.

Unfortunately, medical experts say that as much as 30 percent of pregnancies end up in loss of pregnancy or miscarriage. This “spontaneous abortion” usually happens within the first 20 weeks. This is one of the reasons why pregnant women should take extra care of themselves and the baby they are carrying.

To reduce the risk of miscarriage and avoid it at once, here are safe and effective tips pregnant moms should follow and live by:

  1. Live healthy. Making sure you are healthy ensures your baby will be, too. So eat a nutritious well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid stress.
  1. Do NOT smoke. The list of the adverse effects of smoking is a very long one. In terms of pregnancy, the number of cigarettes a woman smokes increases the risk of losing a genetically healthy baby. Passive smoking is just as dangerous, so stay away from smokers, too. Choose your baby over those harmful sticks of cigarettes.
  1. Avoid physically taxing activities. Especially for women with a history of miscarriage, any activity that can cause trauma to the abdomen should be avoided. As much as possible, stay calm and relaxed during your pregnancy period.
  1. Minimize, if not totally avoid, caffeine and alcohol. Consuming more than four cups of coffee or beverages containing caffeine every day increases the risk of miscarriage. If coffee can’t be avoided, limit it to one cup a day. According to scientific studies, the intake of alcohol triples the risk of miscarriage. So before you regret losing your baby, set aside that glass of alcohol first!
  1. Avoid exposing yourself to contagious diseases. Contagious diseases such as chicken pox, German measles, and mumps have been linked not only to abnormal babies but also to miscarriage. If you contacted a fever, call your doctor and seek immediate help.
  1. Seek medical attention in case of spotting during pregnancy. Seek medical help once spotting is experienced, accompanied by cramps and blood clots. If the bleeding is heavy, lie down and elevate your feet and relax while waiting for the doctor.

Nothing is more rewarding that to see your baby normal and healthy once given birth. Make and live this miracle by taking care of yourself and the baby you will bring into this world.

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